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Imagine if he had been more specific on his racist remarks, targeting only blacks, instead of all non-jews. Back in 2002, Gene Simmons was interviewed by NPRs Terry Gross. He is a racist and ignorant moron During his run on A Es Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Gene Simmons told his son that he shouldnt try to fix his own car, because thats what gentiles are for. You know, just like a psychopath Although from time to time Gene shows his true nature, the fact of the matter is that for a big chunk of his career he didnt demonstrate how much of a gigantic turd he was. Which brings us. . If this had happened in the 70s, Im sure that it would have been an easier thing, but since most of my childhood and my awkward teenage years happened in the 90s, it wasnt exactly the most popular thing to like. Of course, neither does Gene, who actually waited a good 51 years before even visiting his country of birth ; but that didnt stop him from claiming that Israel was his home, and that he was always a stranger in America. What Simmons seems to forget is that what propelled Kiss into fame was not their music, but the make-up and the special effects gimmick, something that nowadays would hardly carry the same shock-value that it had in the 70s.

While you can listen to the full audio of the interview online, or just read the full transcript, here are some of the beautiful nuggets of wisdom from the feminist hero: In regards to money being the most important. Jewish Grandmother Gene Simmons. Aside from the skill of pre-addiction Ace Frehley, at the end of the day Kiss were a band known for simple melodies, choruses that were repeated countless of times, and lyrics so stupid and tacky that they make Keha seem like a Nobel laureate. He is a greedy guy who will do anything for a buck In his NPR interview, discount Bond villain Gene Simmons made it clear: Money is the most important thing in his life. Although, gross called his comments obnoxious (and would later describe him as a misogynist and a misanthrope simmons opted to double down, even asking her if she was sexier when she was not on NPR, demonstrating that his level of respect for women is akin to that. While Simmons pulled no punches after the death of Michael Jackson, a man who was more of a threat to children than whooping cough, and made plenty of comments regarding his love for giving hefty settlements.

In other words, Gene said that goym, the non-Jews, are made for manual labor, to serve the Jewish people. . Of course, Gene accused them of just going after his money; after all, how could anyone suggest that this man, known for photographing every woman he has fucked, singing about statutory rape and for wanting to fuck his (trailer trash) groupies and their mothers, was not a nice person. Gene Simmons did, of course, attack those who released this horror into the world; however, the fact that it coincided with the beginning of his cringe-inducing reality show did raise the questions as to whether it was a publicity stunt. The reasons for this are obvious, after all. Still, the idea of a bunch of guys playing heavy metal while covered in weird makeup and blowing shit up was really appealing to my 13 year old mind, and I felt really frustrated when I kept being unable to see them live. Remember to bring this up whenever any of the mullet-wearing members of the Kiss Army brings up how great they are. The problem is that, as any trafficked child can attest, its not just about making money, but how you make. Although I am certain that comparing the lyrical skills of Kiss with those of Keha might seem a bit extreme, at least she hasnt (yet) written lyrics about buttfucking. Keep it classy Gene. The level of harassment was such that her boss had to get involved to sort of diffuse the situation, since his flirtatious technique of pinning her against a fucking wall were clearly not working well enough.

Jewish Grandmother, gene Simmons. Thanks to the internet, however, we have access to a leaked sex tape of this man, where we see him demonstrating his technique for the best part of 6 minutes: Ladies, get ready to change your panties as you. In case you haven t heardor, more likely, are actively plugging your ears and singing Strutter to block it outa sex tape starring kiss bassist, Family Jewels-man, and Celebrity Apprentice castoff. Gene Simmons was recently splattered all across the web like so much fake blood. In 2008, he made the headlines because of the release of a sex tape which featured him and a mystery woman. Gene declared the tape was made without his consent. In his youth, he formed and played in bands like Lynx, The Missing Links, The Long Island Sounds and Bullfrog Bheer. Gene Simmons has a net worth of around 330 million.

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Its not that, as a musician, Gene Simmons pisses on your leg and tells you its raining; its that he pisses on your leg and charges your for washing your pants. You have to wonder whether while he was kissing the ass of the Christian Right, the chutzpah of which went unnoticed, Gene remembered that he was talking to gentiles. The thing is to see that Gene tries to pass those songs as if they were musical masterpieces (as opposed to the unremarkable, yet catchy, tunes they are). He stressed that for him music was to get laid and make lots of money. I was huge, kiss fan when I was a kid. .

Although in his songwriting career Gene has made sure to set low standards and then fail to meet them, he reached an undisputed low when he penned the famous Christeen Sixteen, a romantic song about statutory rape. Considering that this is a man that charges his fans thousands of dollars for a meet and greet (with the added risk of STDs, bruises and molestation youd think he would be a bit less violent in his approach; but no, not Gene. Gene Simmons once harassed his then-girlfriend, Jill Nicoletti. No product is too tacky and no technique is too sleazy. In Gene Simmons world,  accusations come from gold-diggers, while the untapped reservoir of vaginas where he claims to live is only the result of his sexual prowess and abilities as a lover. . For Gene its all about whoever it is that hes trying to exploit. Nowadays the only thing on my mind when I hear anything about. Simmons tried to prevent the interview from being published after he realized how much of a piece of shit he had shown to be, everything was eventually released. He is creepy, some time ago, in the, opie and Anthony Show, one of the hosts commented how undercover sexual predator.

Marvel at his record-breaking 30 seconds on top and the following pleasureless coitus, culminating in his collapse on top of his escort model. Kiss is: Please, just stop. What makes Simmons special as a businessman is that there are no depths he wont sink to in order to make money. Source The problem is not that the lyrics are terrible; after all, not every band needs to write complex concept albums or use their songs as social criticisms. Having Simmons develop this parasitic relation with the Christian right is, of course, incredible, especially when you consider that. To put things into perspective, this means that if little Gene here had started his band in the late 90s then he would have been rapping side by side with moron extraordinaire Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, since. Thanks to the internet, however, we have access to a leaked sex tape of this man, where we see him demonstrating his technique for the best part of 6 minutes: Ladies, get ready to change your panties as you witness. Of course, this is far from being Gene s only racist remark; after all, he has gone on the record calling Muslims a vile culture (he then backtracked and pretended that he had only meant extremists). When speaking about why he wears a codpiece: As a woman of course you have the ability to sell your body, then get the money, and then, with that, get food. Kiss kasket and Kiss Urn.

Well, when asked about the crisis in the music industry, Gene s approach towards file sharing was not a change in the industry standards, or offering the fans a better bang for their buck, it was the scorched. In all fairness, however, in addition to the collection of genital warts that in all likelihood adorn this mans decrepit and impotent dick, he does have a lot of money. During his visit to Israel, Simmons explained to his audience that if Kiss was to start today, they would be the saviors of music and that theyd be just as popular. Simmons is just so massively ignorant about everything around him (but surrounds himself with enough yes men to believe otherwise) that he has expressed his disdain at anybody opposing Israel s war crimes in the occupied territories; has. If it wasnt for this gimmick, hed probably be killing hookers right now. He is a misogynist, while misogyny has always existed in metal due to it being a mostly male-dominated genre, Simmons (a supporter of, mitt binders full of women Romney ) has elevated it to the level of an art. Would we be OK with him if he had said thats what blacks are for? A lot has happened since those days. Its not just that, as he proudly claims, it was never about the music, its that it was also never about the fans; how do we know this? Genes remarkably moronic criticisms of Obama, a man Im not fond of, included that he had no right to dictate policies for Israel, because he didnt live there ( also an analogy about the moon that.

Source, front and center of these has-beens is bassist, singer and anti-Semitic caricature, Gene Simmons, a man whose marketing techniques would make. Kiss live, I started to pay attention to their lyrics and, finally, my former love for the band became a source of embarrassment and frustration. The hypocrisy of a man  known for writing a song about coercing his girlfriend into getting buttfucked, talking about wholesome family entertainment is obviously not something that Gene welcome me with open legs Simmon s cares about;. Nowadays Simmons can be found promoting LA Kiss, an arena football team that he proudly claims is pure wholesome family entertainment. What about thats what Chinese are for? As a man who brags about having had sex with about 5,000 women (he adds so far) Simmons has gone through some legal problems, like being accused of sexually harassing a make-up artist, choking some women who tried to record. Ladies, please, control your orgasms. He is a terrible musician and a horrible songwriter who even wrote a song about fucking a child. Its not just that he seems like the kind of person who would do anything for a buck, but that he is such a talentless  piece of shit that Im surprised a swarm of flies doesnt follow him around.

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